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Sous-station Voltaire (11e)

14 avenue Parmentier


Concepteur : Olivier Palatre Architectes / Atelier Roberta, paysagiste

Opérateur : Étoile cinémas

Autres : Tess (structure) Peutz (acoustique et incendie), Franck Boutté (HQE et fluides), Casso & Associés, Bet / Franck Franjou, concepteur lumière / Be my app, start-up / La Bellevilloise, Voltaire et Compagnie, Société des réalisateurs de films, animation et programmation / Cuisine mode d’emploi, restauration solidaire / Demathieu et Bard construction

In the heart of the 11th arrondissement, close to the Place de la République and the very lively Oberkampf district, 14 avenue Parmentier is the site of a building with an exceptional history. The Parmentier electricity sub-station, built in the early 20th century is emblematic of the Parisian heritage of the 36 electricity sub-stations built between 1900 and the Second World War to adapt the capital to rapidly growing electricity needs.
We invite you to take up the challenge of inventing the cinema of tomorrow: projects must promote the emergence of a popular and high-quality cinema while simultaneously reflecting on new ways of using or operating cinemas. The innovative character can also be revealed in the quality of the architectural interpretation by potentially raising the height of the building while preserving and enhancing the current façade.
The building's remarkable architectural characteristics have earned it a heritage protection. This building is atypical both in terms of its architecture and original function. It presents obvious advantages as a candidate for innovative conversion.

14 avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris 

Ville de Paris

Current uses
Artist collective

Usable area
2 121 m²

Urban plan

Height ceiling
31 mètres 

Heritage protection 
Building protected in urban plan

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14 avenue Parmentier

75011 Paris