Mairie de Paris The subterranean secrets of Paris


Since 2014, Paris has been organizing a unique initiative to reinvent its urban mode of production. Within the fabric of urban Paris, a model of quality heritage and success in terms of intensity, sustainability and urban resilience, the projects which emerged from “Reinventing Paris”, “Reinventing the River Seine” and “Inventing the Grand Paris Metropolis”, will bear the mark of the 21st Century. Their multiple innovations will contribute to the modernization of Paris without changing its character. They will also contribute to its image and dynamism and will enhance its performance.
On the same principle as the previous calls for innovative urban projects, “Reinventing Paris - The subterranean secrets of Paris” opens up a new dimension. It invites you to explore one of the facets of the city which is still greatly under-appreciated: its underground world.

The underground of Paris is indeed a special real-estate resource which benefits from high quality capital for a more successful and resilient city.

Underground spaces, which were explored at different stages of history in some world metropolises, including Paris through the Les Halles project and at the metropolitan level today with the Grand Paris Express, still hold potential which can be capitalized upon.

As a topic, the depth of the city should not be only assessed in terms of height. It should be part of a broader reflection on the city as a “four” dimension space. This reflection should become systematic. It should have an impact on all urban projects, particularly those at the heart of the metropolis where the density and the maximization of exchanges make it all the more significant.

Through various underground or surface level sites, the aim of “Reinventing Paris - The subterranean secrets of Paris” is to encourage different stakeholders in the city to integrate this reflection in the most detailed level of urban production. By encouraging the emergence of innovative, audacious and relevant solutions bringing to the fore the potential of the underground world for improving the quality and the attractiveness of urban areas, the aim is to contribute to an open discussion about the sustainable, resilient and welcoming city.