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Information and details on the call for innovative urban projects

1 – Are there any rules regarding a project’s team members? Must a team include specialists from certain fields?

There are no rules regarding a team’s members, but it must be multidisciplinary and made up of people with skills related to the project’s main components and the fields involved in the call for projects. Each member’s tasks, skills, and duration and period of involvement must be clearly specified according to the project phases (creation/implementation/operation) in addition to how they will be participating. The working conditions and contractual terms within the team must also be indicated (salary, responsibilities in the future project, etc.).

2 – Is a team multidisciplinary when it is composed of people with different skills and expertise who work for the same company?

Yes, but the expertise and the roles of the various members must be justified in the same way as for the other teams.

3 – Does each team need to have an investor or another company capable of financially backing it?

The financial feasibility of the innovative project as well as the legal and financial solidity of the organization are considered when choosing the winning project. At each stage of the call for projects, the teams must be able to clarify the project’s business model and provide proof of adequate financial resources committed to the project.

4 – Is there a maximum number of companies or legal entities per team?

No, there is no limit. However, each team must demonstrate the role and commitments of each of its members. The relevancy of the team’s composition and the quality of its organization will also be evaluated.

5 – What type of stakeholder can join a project team?

The call for projects is open to everyone from any background who is capable of leading an innovative project. It is open to all types of representation regardless of legal form, including foreign entities.


6 – Are there specific rules regarding the programming of each site?

As a matter of principle, the programming is unregulated. However, for some sites, specific guidelines may be indicated. They are clarified in the fact sheets established for each of the sites and in the dataroom’s documents.

7 – Can the proposed project ignore city planning ordinances and/or specific regulations?

The projects will need to conform to current city planning documents (Local City Plan – Plan Local d’Urbanisme and the Conservation and Development Plan – Plan de Sauvegarde et de Mise en Valeur.)


8 – How does one apply to express their interest?

The first step consists in expressing interest in one or several sites by submitting an application in accordance with the call for projects’ requirements, which can be downloaded from the website or dataroom. The information requested attempts to assess the interest of the project and prove the seriousness and determination of the project leader in developing an innovative project.

9 – Can a company or a legal entity be a part of several teams who apply for the same site?

Yes, if it commits to respecting strict confidentiality procedures and guaranteeing that it can assure its responsibilities if named the winner of several projects.

10 – How can I meet others to join or create a project team?

The Meetup space at was created so you can reach out to other stakeholders and make plans to meet. A Meetup may be organized by the partners of the call for projects, with the terms of the Meetup communicated on the website.

11 – Can a team withdraw its application?

Yes, until the definitive submission of the offer. The definitive offer represents the project team’s commitment to undertake the project if chosen.

12 – Does the expression of interest include a financial proposal?

Yes. As soon as interest is expressed, the applicants must provide a financial proposal (cost for transfers, usage fees for leases or occupation).

13 – Is the transfer of property unregulated?

When the partner of the call for projects does not stipulate any details regarding how the property is to be transferred, it is up to the project team to propose the desired legal structure for its business model. For other sites, the transfer of property is set out in the site’s fact sheet and in the dataroom.


14 – Will the teams’ proposals be made public?

Proposals may be made public to highlight the creativity, innovations and solutions proposed through this call for projects. This will be carried out in accordance with the project leaders and in respect of desired confidentiality.
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